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Year 10 Revision Websites



English GCSE Revision

Search Mr Bruff on Youtube for revision videos on all questions on Lang and Lit
Search Mr Salles on Youtube for revision videos on all questions on Lang and Lit



Science GCSE Revision  for Edexcel combined science 9-1 and Biology/Physics/Chemistry


History GCSE Revision

Online BBC bitesize clips are really useful to support revision, and give visual summaries of the topics we study. Here is the link below:


Music GCSE revision – listening to instruments and different styles


Dance GCSE Revision

Set phrases available to practice:


Media Studies GCSE Revision

The EDUQAS website has useful fact sheets on all products under digital resources.

Mrs Fisher has her own You Tube channel where she talks through the products both components.


Art & Design GSCE Revision


Website recommendations-

  • Pinterest app- for inspiration and creative ideas when researching exam themes and presentation ideas for your exam project.
  • for guidance from the examination board.

Independent ways to enhance your exam project-

  • Visit an art gallery or museum that connects to the theme you have chosen.
  • Take you own photographs that connect to your chosen theme.

Research your chosen theme thoroughly and find your own artists that connect to your


Useful Information

Should you require any further help or support please do not hesitate to contact:

Mr Wilson- Head of Key Stage 4

or for any SEN needs:




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