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Performing Arts

Drama Curriculum Intent: 


Drama intended to ensure that students not only build on a love of performance and production in a cross section of genres but develop crucial academic and life skills that are meaningful and transferrable to a range of career opportunities. Drama aims to allow students to know and apply processes in contemporary professional practice, apply sophisticated literacy and grow their creativity whilst building on and shaping their current social, cultural and historical contexts. Drama develops communication, collaboration, confidence and empathy to create well-rounded individuals.

Key Stage 4 Drama

If you wish to discuss the Drama Curriculum, or Performing Arts in general,  contact Miss Gibb, Head of Performing Arts, on

Music Curriculum Intent: 


The music curriculum is designed to offer access to a range of musical genres such as; blues, rock, pop, classical, as well as provide opportunities for pupils to be creative and explore a range of performing skills. To enable pupils to leave the classroom with more confidence then when they arrived, lessons will build on instrumental skills and provide opportunities to perform both as a soloists and as an ensemble. Through engagement with these tasks pupils will develop team work skills, social skills, confidence and adaptability skills which will help them in their future careers.  

If you wish to discuss the Music Curriculum contact Mr Kowalski on

GCSE Dance (Year 11 only)

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