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National Apprenticeship Week

Virtual Apprenticeship Week


Taking place on the 12th – 21st August there will be offering a series of virtual events for young people and their parents, hearing and chatting to apprentices, employers and training providers to find out about the exciting opportunities on offer in Greater Manchester!


The events will offer information and support for young people & their parents over GCSE.  To find out more and register your interest, please take a look here:


National Apprenticeship Week is the opportunity to increase student awareness of the range of apprenticeships and apprenticeship pathways that are available to young people at a range of different ages. 


Copley Academy has arranged the following activities for the week 


  1. Information about apprenticeships in every lessons and what subjects they link to

  2. Activities during tutor time to promote awareness of apprenticeships 

  3. Quizzes and competitions 

  4. An apprenticeship stall by the Growth Company Apprenticeships


For more information about apprenticeships please go to


Plus the following video

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