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Curriculum Intent

As a result of delivering our curriculum at Copley Academy, using our “Mathematics Learning Structure”, a GREAT mathematics pupil will:

  • Be fluent mathematicians preparing them for real life, being work place ready and having an appreciation of how mathematics is used in the community
  • Be knowledgeable of mathematical ideas
  • Have the resilience to try different methods to problems
  • Make connections between different concepts to see the bigger picture / Pupils are able to solve problems in unfamiliar context
  • Become independent learners, determined to fill gaps in their knowledge
  • Have a spark, flair and passion for learning. They will be hungry for new learning and enjoy mathematics. They will be proud and enthusiastic mathematicians
  • Be creative in their reasoning and application
  • Be confident to develop their own generalisations. Pupils can confidently communicate their mathematics understanding including key vocabulary


Curriculum Content


Year 7

Number work is at the core of Year 7, with pupils also completing work in Algebraic Thinking, Place Value and Proportion, Applications of Number, Directed Number, Fractional Thinking, Lines and Angles and finally, Reasoning with Number.

Year 8

Pupils will revisit and extend most areas from Year 7 and develop new skills, such as Negative and Fractional Indices and Standard Form.

Year 9

Pupils will revisit and extend work from Years 7 and 8 as well as developing their understanding of Real and Rational numbers, Prime Factorisation and Graphs.

Year 10

At this point, pupils are split to follow either Higher or Foundation curriculum. Both paths will develop skills acquired in KS3 and include new content such as error intervals, upper and lower bounds and links between mathematical areas not yet covered.

Year 11

In Year 11, we finish the syllabus content by Christmas and from this point, each class follows a bespoke curriculum based on mock examinations, in class assessment and homework to ensure all knowledge gaps are addressed and all pupils are exam ready.


GCSE Course Details



GCSE Mathematics

Exam Board


Syllabus Details


Link to Exam Board Website

Assessment Details

100% terminal examination

Three papers sat at either Higher (Grades 9 – 4) or Foundation (Grades 5 – 1) level.

Paper 1:- Non calculator

Paper 2 and 3:- Calculator

Coursework Details

Not applicable

Recommended Course Books

CGP Exam guide and separate workbook for Higher or Foundation are available to purchase at reduced price from school and widely available online.  There are also revision cards which some pupils prefer and again, we stock these in school or available online.  Please speak to your teacher before purchasing to ensure it is the correct level.


Suggested Websites


BBC Bitesize

Maths Genie

On Maths

Pixi Maths

Corbett Maths

Enrichment Opportunities

The Department offers subject specific enrichment with regular drop-in sessions for KS3 and KS4 pupils. There are also intervention sessions to consolidate prior learning and Period 6 sessions for Years 10 and 11 to prepare for GCSE. 

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