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Welcome to our LGBTQ section of the Copley Academy website. On this page we will be showcasing the best and most inspirational talent and success stories from the LGBTQ to inspire and celebrate diversity. 

As an inclusive and diverse academy we expect our students to take responsibility for any LGBTQ discrimination, which you can read below-

To further support the LGBTQ community Copley Academy values the importance of educating our students, especially in the use of language.

Each month we will have a GREAT LGBTQ icon, so please visit this section of the website on a regular basis for these and further updates and news

PRIDE Groups- Just Like Us


Copley Academy is proud to be working with Just Like Us. Their mission is to empower young people to champion LGBT+ equality. They want all young people to know that being LGBT+ is something to be celebrated. LGBT+ young people still face unacceptable levels of lesbophobia, homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. These experiences can have a life-long negative impact. 


Pride Groups are student-led and create a safe, welcoming space for LGBT+ pupils and allies to talk about LGBT+ topics, socialise and find community. Pride Groups are an integral part of Just Like Us' work in making education more inclusive. 


More information can be found on the below attachment. 

LGBTQ Icon of the month October 2021- Marsha P Johnson


Johnson was an LGBT activist and self-identified drag queen. Johnson played a key role in the Gay Rights Movement, taking part in the Stonewall riots and marching in the first Pride rally. Johnson overcame poverty, racism and discrimination during her life. The ‘P’ in her name stands for ‘Pay it no mind’ – her motto when dealing with ignorance from others.


Pride Month: Who was Marsha P. Johnson and why were they so important? - CBBC Newsround









LGBTQ Reading List

If you would like to work in the future for a LGBTQ-friendly company please see the Labour Market Information attached below.

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