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Welcome to our LGBTQ section of the Copley Academy website. On this page we will be showcasing the best and most inspirational talent and success stories from the LGBTQ to inspire and celebrate diversity. 

As an inclusive and diverse academy we expect our students to take responsibility for any LGBTQ discrimination, which you can read below-

To further support the LGBTQ community Copley Academy values the importance of educating our students, especially in the use of language.

Each month we will have a GREAT LGBTQ icon, so please visit this section of the website on a regular basis for these and further updates and news

LGBTQ Icon of the month December 2020- Barbara Gittings


Gittings was a prominent American activist for LGBT equality in the 1960s. She brought attention to the ban on employing gay by the largest American employer, its own government. She also helped to get homosexuality dropped as a mental illness in 1972. 




For more information on her see- Barbara Gittings | LGBT 50th Anniversary July 4, 2015



LGBTQ Reading List

If you would like to work in the future for a LGBTQ-friendly company please see the Labour Market Information attached below.


Black History Month- LGBTQ support

This Black History Month a number of Black-led LGBT organisations, community groups and social spaces that are doing incredible work and providing much needed support for Black LGBT people in the UK have been identified by Stonewall that we would like to share with our students. 


African Rainbow Family

This charity supports LGBTIQ people of African heritage and the wider BAME community. It was established in 2014 in the wake of some Commonwealth countries in Africa’s draconian anti-gay laws, persecutions and environment that seek to criminalise LGBTIQ people. They support refugees and people seeking asylum, stand against hate crime and campaign for global LGBTIQ equality.


BBZ London

BBZ Black Book was formed in 2017 to act as an online directory for emerging and established Black LGBT creatives, highlighting the importance and influence of digital spaces for the Black LGBT community around the world. They aim to democratise access to public institutions and challenge institutionalised behaviours to diversity. Their services include programming, DJ’ing, visual and audio content, art curation, cultural consultancy, effective partnerships and event production.


Beat for the GXDs

This is an online makeup creative space for all Black non-binary and trans femme people of all ages. They recently launched the SAFE (I)N SOUND project, which seeks to gather a collection of affirmations used to listen to, nourish, uplift and protect the community whenever needed.


Bisi Almi Foundation

Established in 2015, following the enactment of the Same Sex Marriage Prohibition Act 2013 in Nigeria, BAF aims to work towards a Nigeria where everyone is equal irrespective of sexual orientation or gender identity. They focus on three thematic areas, so as to contribute towards influencing opinions and views on LGBT issues in Nigeria: research, capacity development and stakeholder engagement.


Black LGBTQIA+ Therapy Fund

In 2020, in response to the worldwide pandemic, this was set up to fund therapy sessions for Black LGBTQIA+ people, recognising the unique challenges Black LGBTQIA+ people face and the huge mental health toll this can have. The fund initially asked for £1,000 but they were able to raise over £70,000 to fund a number of therapy sessions.


Black Remote She

This group was created as a safe haven for Black LGBTQIA+ people and allies interested in working remotely. The group posts job opportunities and resources to support Black people  currently looking for employment remotely.


BlackOut UK

This group was created to recognise the need for Black queer men to have a space to think, shout, show off, curse, celebrate, launch, reflect, share and be heard. They encourage and stimulate debate and discussion online and face to face through their website, writer workshops, networking events, and supporting interventions to meet the needs of Black queer men.


Black Trans Alliance

This is a newly formed Black-led organisation that aim to support Black trans people in London


Black Trans Foundation

Axelle Nasah, a Stonewall Young Campaigner, has set up a new community organisation for Black trans people in the UK. The organisation will support Black trans people in areas such as mental health.


Exist Loudly

This is an organisation committed to creating spaces of joy and community for queer Black young people. Their work has included the first-of-its-kind research looking into the lives and experiences of Black LGBT youth in the UK within education, healthcare and the home.


Kamp Kiki      

This is a UK based retreat for trans people from the African and Caribbean diaspora. The event is an indoor weekend retreat with workshops focusing on mindfulness, creativity and healing, as well as the chance to socialise in safe affirming spaces. The first retreat took place in November 2019, with more planned in future years.


Pure Melanin Gathering

Founded by Jason Forrest, this group is a newly formed CIC for black queer men over the age of 35. They currently hold fortnightly social events for their members. The group aims to also begin supporting in areas like education, mental health and wellbeing and to widen their group to younger black men.


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