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Welcome to our LGBTQ section of the Copley Academy website. On this page we will be showcasing the best and most inspirational talent and success stories from the LGBTQ to inspire and celebrate diversity. 

As an inclusive and diverse academy we expect our students to take responsibility for any LGBTQ discrimination, which you can read below-

To further support the LGBTQ community Copley Academy values the importance of educating our students, especially in the use of language.

Each month we will have a GREAT LGBTQ icon, so please visit this section of the website on a regular basis for these and further updates and news

LGBTQ Icon of the month September 2020- Freddie Mercury


Mercury is one of the most prominent gay public figures in the UK. He is known as the lead singer of Queen, and also for being one of the first notable figures to die from the AIDS virus. Since his death the remaining band members of Queen set up The Mercury Phoenix Trust in his honour. The charity has raised millions in the fight against AIDS across the world.


To find out more about Mercury visit-

LGBTQ Reading List

If you would like to work in the future for a LGBTQ-friendly company please see the Labour Market Information attached below.

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