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Curriculum Intent


The Geography curriculum is designed to provide pupils with a strong foundation of skills and content that will enable them to achieve their full potential in Key Stage 4.

It is also designed to promote an awareness and interest in both the human and physical world. We want pupils to be able to see a clear link between what is taught in class and their everyday lives. Furthermore, we strive to help them to be able to think critically about a whole host of important issues. These range from climate change, to child labour, right through to deforestation. We also are keen to develop an understanding of the physical environment. From simple questions, such as why does it rain? To more complex ones, such as how do plate tectonics shape our world? Geography is a subject that is alive and relevant; our aim is to reflect this in the content that we teach.


Curriculum Content


Year 7

Geographical Skills, Tectonics, Exploring the UK, Fieldwork, Economic and Settlement Change.

Year 8

Coasts, Fieldwork, Brazil, Energy, Weather and Ecosystems.

Year 9

Kenya, Tourism, Global Fashion Industry, USA and China, Fieldwork.

Year 10

Tectonics, Climate Change, Extreme Weather, Rainforest ecosystems, Rivers Cold Environments, Coasts, Physical fieldwork.

Year 11

Human fieldwork, Urbanisation, Lagos, London. Development, Nigeria, UK, Energy, Decision Making Exercise


GCSE Course Details



GCSE Geography

Exam Board


Syllabus Details


Link to Exam Board Website

Assessment Details

Paper 1 – 35%

Paper 2 – 35%

Paper  -  30%

Coursework Details

Students complete two pieces of fieldwork investigation. On Paper 3, students are then tested on how they collected the fieldwork and what their data demonstrated.

Recommended Course Books

All pupils are provided with a revision booklet for both Papers 1 and 2. These have been produced by the department and contain everything that students need to effectively prepare them for the exam.

Paper 3 is based around a decision-making exercise. We are not told what the issue will be until a couple of months before the exam. Once we are aware of the topic to be covered, all pupils will receive the relevant revision material.


Suggested Websites


Enrichment Opportunities

Year 7 – A trip to the centre of Manchester would be useful. The pupils need to know the key areas of the city and be aware of how it is changing.


Year 8 – For the Coasts unit, a trip to a seaside resort would be both fun and educational. For example, at Blackpool, they could look at the different ways the town is being protected from coastal erosion.


Year 9 – We complete a full unit on tourism. Again, a visit to a coastal resort would be helpful to focus on the benefits and problems that tourism has brought to the town.


Years 10 and 11

At Key Stage 4, all G.C.S.E pupils have to undertake two pieces of fieldwork. The first is the physical fieldwork. This involves a local river study. The Human fieldwork currently analyses at the impact of tourism on the town of Llandudno.


Pupils are expected to undertake a range of data gathering techniques to test a hypothesis. They will then be tested on them in Paper 3.

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