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English Curriculum Intent at Key Stage 3: 


The English Curriculum will take students on a learning journey, in which all students will acquire skills that will enable them to become success and confident members of, and contributors to society, and gives pupils access to accumulated knowledge that is part of their cultural identity and heritage. 



1. To offer challenge and excellence for all from the start of Year 7 and through out Key Stage 3

2. To include progression of skills

3. To increase students' 'cultural capital' 

4. To have relevant- teachers will show language-use in real life contexts

5. To engage all students.  



GCSE English Intent at Key Stage 4: 


The English Curriculum is a learning journey in which all students will acquire communication and critical thinking skills that will enable them to become successful and confident members of and contributors to society, and gives students access to the accumulated knowledge that is part of their cultural heritage and identity. 



1. To engage and challenge all through excellent teaching and relevant content 

2. To ensure further progression of skills through out the key stage

3. To increase students' cultural capital

3. To enable students to: 

i.  develop the habit of reading widely, often and for pleasure, a range of texts, including classic literature, fluently and with good understanding. 

ii. appreciate the depth and power of the English literacy heritage

iii. read in detail, critically and evaluatively, so what they are able to discuss and explain their understanding of ideas and make connections between the texts 

iv. acquire and use a wide vocabulary, including the grammatical terminology and other literary and linguistic terms they need to criticise and analyse what they read 

v. write accurately, effective and analytically about their reading, using standard English 

vi. to use knowledge gained from wide reading to inform and improve their own writing

vii. use grammar and punctuation correctly and spell accurately 

viii. apply a wide vocabulary, including grammatical terminology and linguistic conventions in writing and spoken language

ix. listen to and understand spoken language, and use spoken standard English effectively. 


Exam Specification and Syllabus: AQA 

Language – 8700

Literature - 8702


Assessments details: 2 written exams for both English Language and English Literature. 

Grades 9-1

If you wish to discuss the English Curriculum further please contact Ms Shah, Head of English, on

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