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Curriculum Intent

The aim of the dance course is to fully equip students with practise and experiences in the performing art of dance. Students will not only improve and develop their dance technique, but they will also have a secure understanding of what good dance technique is, and how to improve it.


Dancers will acquire skills to choreograph through practise and experiences with different practitioners as well as understanding what performing and expressive skills are; and how to refine them to assist an audience to understand and enjoy performance.


Dancers will also know how to critically evaluate professional performances, using accurate literacy and written expression and, in turn, improve their own practice with this knowledge.

Curriculum Content


Year 7

Dance is not taught as an explicit subject in KS3 but, instead, is embedded in the PE curriculum.

We offer an extensive extracurricular programme for any students who wish to explore ‘Dance’ in KS3.

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

In year 10 pupils start to know, understand and be able to apply skills in:

  • Choreography
  • Dance technique
  • Dance performance
  • Dance analysis

These skills are developed in preparation for practical and theoretical examinations in year 11.

Year 11

In year 11, pupils use their knowledge from year 10 to access the GCSE examinations in choreography and technique. Pupils also work on their dance analysis to prepare them for the written paper.


GCSE Course Details



GCSE Dance

Exam Board


Syllabus Details

Specification code: 8236; QAN code: 601/8549/1


Link to Exam Board Website


Assessment Details

40% written paper

60% practical assessment


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Enrichment Opportunities

Extra-curricular activities include dinner time and after school Dance sessions.

The sports hall is always available at lunch times for pupils to work on their choreographies and receive feedback from Miss Cunningham.

Students are encouraged to take part in Dance outside of school. There are many great local dance schools including but not limited to; KDA, Blaze Cheer & Dance, TCA, Janice Hughes School of Dance and Sarah England School of Dance.

Families are encouraged to watch live dance performances and can seek information from The Lowry and other local performance companies such as MOADs.

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