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Welcome to our BAME section of the Copley Academy website. On this page we will be showcasing the best and most inspirational talent and success stories from ethnic minority backgrounds to inspire and celebrate diversity. 

As an inclusive and diverse academy we expect our students to take responsibility for any BAME discrimination, which you can read below-

Each month we will have a GREAT BAME icon, so please visit this section of the website on a regular basis for these and further updates and news



At Copley Academy we are proud to be participating in Black History Month. Please keep visiting this section of the website for information of our involvement in this event as well as seeing our social media pages on Twitter and Facebook, especially if you do not already follow us. 


A GREAT place to start with BHM is the national celebration of Black History through the painting of postboxes to commenorate and acknowledge the contribution of Black Britons to our society, as well as reading the powerful words of Poet Benjamin Zephaniah. 

BBC Poetry Season - Zephaniah and students perform The British

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BAME Icon of December- Barack Obama


Obama was the first African American President of the the USA. He was first elected in 2010 and worked tirelessly to address inequalities not just in American but around the world and is very much seen as one of the leading and most successful statesmen of his generation. 


For more information see- 

The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama ( 

Barack Obama | Biography, Presidency, & Facts | Britannica 



BAME Reading List  


If you need support as a BAME LGBTQ individual please read the following document to know where you can find additional support to our Copley Academy Community. 

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